#85 | The Dublin Mid West Wing: a Motherfoclóir Election Fairytale

Peadar Ó Caomhánaigh, the Johnny Giles of the Motherfoclóir High Table, put his money where his mouth was this year, deciding to stand for election. After a gruelling PR-STV count, our boy won his seat and will represent his fellow Clondalkinites for the next five years. He is one of the 10% of South Dublin County Council representatives to have graduated from a single Gaelscoil, Colaiste Cillian in Clondalkin.

In today’s episode, Peadar tells Darach all about the experience- why democracy is our cricket, Irish in local government and community activism, the Dubliners and the joy of placenames.

* NOTE – Clondalkin is not “the village/meadow of the larks”. Darach’s misunderstanding was based on a misunderstanding of a lyric by Clondalkin native Mic Christopher (whose album “Skylarkin” deserves your attention).

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