#87 | You Give Leanbh A Bad Name: Baby Names with Colm O’Regan

What’s in a name?

For most of the world’s population, Irish names are the only contact they have with Gaeilge, and this is where its reputation for beauty and difficulty is perpetuated. Prospective parents have a great responsibility in naming a child… as to writers of characters in a novel.

In this week’s episode, Éimear, Darach and Clodagh are joined by Colm O’Regan, the talent behind the Irish Mammies books and columnist with The Examiner. As a Dad and a novelist, he tells the gang about naming children and characters, the rise and fall of certain names, the storm dividend and the subtle difference between doves and pigeons.

Colm’s new book “Ann Devine, Ready for Her Close-Up” is available here:

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