#89 | The Sadbh Mind: Children’s Stories and Parental Guilt with Sadhbh Devlin

When it comes to food, television or books, there are no tougher critics than small children. They won’t spare your feelings the way adults have been trained to, but they are loyal to what they love. However, small children’s access to food an entertainment is controlled by busy, tired and all too imperfect parents, who often have a hidden agenda of wanting the child to “learn something”, “just be quiet” or even “speak Irish”.

This is the Hobbesian world that Sadhbh Devlin has chosen to tell her stories in, and in today’s episode, she talks to Darach, Peadar and Gearóidín about the child’s imagination, the guilt of being a working parent, the thrill of swearing, the relationship kids’ authors have with their illustrators and publishers… and the multitude of concerns a writer needs to be aware of, from sensitive language to health and safety.

The gang also manage to talk about future proofing crime dramas, the mysterious land of Brazil and writing for yourself.

You can get Sadhdh’s books “Bí ag Spraoi Liom!” and “Beag Bideach!” from www.siopaleabhar.com or www.futafata.ie.

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