#92 | An Astral Week: Seven Days That Shook The North (with Claire Mitchell)

“For me, the Irish language was like a ghost limb”.

The days leading up to the 12th of July are often tense and dramatic ones in the North of Ireland, but never more so than in 2019. After months and months of stalemate and stagnation in Stormont – frustratingly coinciding with the British-Irish border being in the centre of a geopolitical crisis – the DUP’s bluff was called with two amendments to the Northern Ireland Act passing in Westminster.

An Irish Language Act is one of three factors in the mix as the October deadline looms.

In today’s episode, Darach talks to Belfast journalist Claire Mitchell about the events of the week. She brings him up to speed and gives him the background for all these developments, while also telling him about how Gaeilge fits in to her life and her Northern Protestant heritage.

Claire is a contributing editor with sluggerotoole.com

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