#94 | Follow This User: Myra Zepf and “Nóinín”

Some of the most powerful books for and about teenagers take the form of a diary: Adrian Mole, I Capture The Castle, Go Ask Alice and even The Color Purple (although that spreads beyond the teenage years). So begins Máire Zepf’s extraordinary new book “Nóinín”, one of the most exciting books published as Gaeilge in some time (featuring cover art from Motherfoclóir’s own Kirsten Shiel).

Belfast’s Máire Zepf is Northern Ireland’s first ever Children’s Writing Fellow and the author of nine books so far… and she’s only getting started. In today’s episode, Darach talks to Máire about her inspiration, the writing process, the sharp difference between this book and her previous works, online and offline woes, balancing writing and parenting and why “the way it’s taught” is a +353 phonezone phenomenon.

Thanks to Gearóidín for the readings from “Nóinín”, published by Cois Life.

Extra music on this episode by Dauwd: check out “Theory of Colours” on bandcamp.

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