#96 | Hot Gael Summer: Clichés in Opinion Pieces About Irish

The concept of the “silly season” is arguably a dated one in the era of 24 hour news and social media; it dates back to a time when daily newspapers had to fill gaps created by the closure of houses of parliament, higher courts and lulls in the sporting calendar. In some ways, the silly season is all year long now. But in another way, Ireland’s national obsessions with Leaving Cert results, social class and our self-image reaches fever pitch in August, culminating in some terrible hot takes about the state’s policy of access to Irish through the education system.

Are Gaelscoileana elitist? Is Irish ableist? Are photos of Peig next to articles about the 2019 curriculum relevant? Are Irish language activists a menacing influence on innocent, harmless, agenda-less policymakers?

In today’s episode, Darach, Peadar and Gearóidín look at the key recurring points and try to address them as succinctly as possible. Do you have strong feelings too? Please email us at [email protected] and keep the conversation going.

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