NO ENCORE #089 | The Creatrix Reloaded

NO ENCORE returns to put the music world to rights with a full house and a packed episode.

On the agenda; Morrissey, Coldplay, Wolf Parade, the NO ENCORE Quiz of the Year and a great deal more…


ACT ONE: Dave goes to a gig and offends Coldplay fans in the space of one day. Plus, a list of what’s up for grabs at the inaugural NO ENCORE Quiz of the Year.

ACT TWO: Stormzy atones for his mistakes, Roy Orbison may be returning, The Wu-Tang Clan get litigious and Emily Haines adds a fragrant string to her bow.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week with Delorentos, Fabiana Palladino, Jai Paul, Miguel, HEALTH and Zuri Marley.

ACT FOUR: The boys get Low in High School with Morrissey.

EXIT MUSIC: Le Boom – ‘Don’t Need It Now’