NO ENCORE #094 | Hellscape Zumba Class


Yes, that’s right, following a mammoth one episode off, NO ENCORE returns for its third season.

Expect chaos, music news, anarchy, album reviews, tyranny, new song analysis and the heat death of the universe itself.

We’re back~!


ACT ONE: Bono says stupid things, Justin Timberlake is a Man of the Woods, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars are in legal hot water again and Lorde upset somebody who wasn’t Dave for once.

ACT TWO: There’s no new albums of note yet, so the boys tackle three heavyweight releases that fell through the cracks at the end of 2017.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week unites A Perfect Circle, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Azealia Banks, The Vaccines, Borns and Lana Del Rey.

EXIT MUSIC: Mango and Math Man – ‘Buzzin’