NO ENCORE #114 | Friends Of The Podcast~!

Occasional guests are just hosts you haven’t met yet  hence roving reporter David Tapley and resident pun hun Zara Hedderman are entrusted with control of the NO ENCORE juggernaut this week. Colm is there too, mind, but he’s pretty easy going about things. A wildly divisive album takes centre stage, but there’s plenty more to talk about on this week’s rollicking ride through MusicLand…

ACT ONE: Feastie Beasties, Ed’s new ‘stead, Whingy Lindsey and (finally) Ready Freddie – news like you’ve never heard before.

ACT TWO: There’s downright anger over upright piano as Alex Turner and his Arctic Monkeys blast into a whole new orbit. The band’s new album, Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino, is certainly a giant leap – but in which direction?

ACT THREE: Just a Ty Segall guy, the kind that missed the Chromatics’ style, someone who can get down with Mitski’s wild side, and with Saint Sister’s vibe. André 3000 rolled in there too, you’ve got the stars of our songs this week; S-O-T-W

ACT FOUR: Our Beck-spert host provides a guide to the ever-evolving Mr. Hansen, ahead of his 3Arena date  find the crack playlist right here.

EXIT MUSIC: Bouts | ‘Face Up’