#148 | Thank U Next, OK Go

We are the gods of hellfire and we bring you… Fyre (the review)! Dave’s seen the festival disaster doc that everyone’s talking about, while Craig wants to know just how ground-breaking THAT treadmill was at The 1975 gig last week. And that’s just scratching the surface of a bumper two-man NO ENCORE pow wow…


How many records does it take to top the Billboard chart in 2019? How can Toto bless the rains if they’re playing in a desert? Has Gary Barlow fallen out of love with the art of autographing? All these questions and more answered as we peruse the news.


The Killers activate ‘protest mode’, The Cranberries tug at our heartstrings and Gesaffelstein gets that Big Abel co-sign as The Weeknd’s latest carnal lyrics spark outrage. It’s Songs Of The Week.


With our Corkonian emeritus Colm no longer on the show, the boys are safe to dissect the sophomore offering from Lost Under Heaven. After a debut packed with anthems to prepare you for the end of the world, the duo still have cataclysms on their minds. Did Love Hates What You Become have us in raptures or are Ellery and Ebony edging towards end times?