#150 | No Statue Should Have Hair

With Luke Kelly’s gigantic disembodied head now scaring tourists on Sheriff Street, your NO ENCORE trio are across the Liffey keeping the great man’s passion for music alive. 

By trading Bros one-liners. 

We’ve seen the incredible After The Screaming Stops doc and are ready to talk conkers, rectangles, street sweepers and superstition. Elsewhere, Ben Howard leaves Dave and Daithi scratching their heads and professional wrestling keeps Dave up all night.


As the shortlist for Irish Song of the Year is revealed, we debate the merits of that particular Choice Music Prize accolade. 

Also on the news agenda? A Harry Styles face tattoo shows how standom is only getting scarier, the Fyre Festival fallout ain’t done yet, and rogue “artists” have been hijacking Spotify (we’re looking at you, Bono).


J Cole makes his much-hyped, horn-heavy 2019 bow, Ryan Adams rages against the weather, Billie Eilish captivates with a tale of the monster under your bed… Just a taster of Songs Of The Week. With added Idris Elba. 


Backstreet’s back, alright? The “Rolling Stones of pop” recently celebrated 25 years in the game and they’ve added some electro-pop moves to their DNA. 

We gave the new studio album from The Backstreet Boys a helluva lotta spins and our reaction to one track in particular will SHOCK YOU.