#151 | The Basics Of Emotion

Roll up, roll up – NO ENCORE returns with the two-man power trip that is David William Hanratty and Craig Fitzpatrick for yet more music-related chatter.

There’s an interview with Talos man Eoin French as he releases excellent new album Far Out Dust, the fallout of Maroon 5’s appointment with the Super Bowl and the return of Beirut.

ACT ONE: The preamble features a difficult week for both Dave and Craig and another tease for the upcoming NO POPCORN.

ACT TWO: An ever-busy news section – Castlepalooza on festival hiatus, a positive Billy Corgan story for once, yet more Fyre Festival fallout and Dave reads some fan mail.

ACT THREE: Eoin French of Talos fame talks new album Far Out Dust, mythical tales of rowdy gigs, embracing the majesty of pop music and whether or not he forgives Dave for his role in last year’s Choice Music Prize.

ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week with a LEGO Movie amalgamation, Empire of the Sun’s glittering comeback, Alex Gough’s laid-back drawl, Interpol’s surprising energy and the naked politics of Pet Shop Boys.

ACT FIVE: Craig’s mate Zach Condon aka Beirut is back with his fifth album Gallipoli, which provokes an emotional reaction from the boys – but of what nature?

EXIT MUSIC: Fat Pablo – ‘Shambala’