#154 | The Forest Of Embarrassment

Welcome, players, to NO ENCORE #154.

Jafaris drops in with just days to go until his debut album hits the world, an old friend makes his mark, and the gang try to solve the conundrum that is Andrew Hozier-Byrne.

ACT ONE: Icelandic awkwardness, Massive Attack-soundtracked weirdness, and Academy Award-uselessness – it’s the preamble.

ACT TWO: The boys cop what a mess they’ve made of this week’s news section much too late, so hopefully that top 10 saves the day.

ACT THREE: Jafaris is on the rise. Debut album Stride is imminent. He opens up on his faith, his drive, his artistry, realising potential, and why Los Angeles provides its own unique inspiration.

ACT FOUR: Time to enter the Wasteland, Baby! as lapsed fans and sceptics unite to hurl themselves headfirst into Hozier’s sophomore long form offering.

ACT FIVE: SOTW w/ Big Thief, Kojaque, P!nk, Hatchie, and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

EXIT MUSIC: King Pallas | ‘The Dead’