#155 | Schrödinger’s Critic

A pleasure to welcome musical force of nature, Other Voices presenter and all-round legend Mary-Kate Geraghty to the NO ENCORE co-hosting hot seat. Fun is had, cans are cracked, and there’s also room for more serious discussion in a newsworthy week for all things music.


Dave regales us with tales of his jaunt to London for a Billie Eilish gig (he saw a Union Jack cushion, basically). His hotel was two doors down from the venue, but how close was it to Shattered Dreams Parkway? We find out. We also have an early pow-wow about Solange’s When I Get Home. It’s a mood of an album and so is Craig, apparently.


Time-travelling hijinks prior to, and live from, the Choice Music Prize.


With the world having lost the iconic and beloved Keith Flint, we pay tribute. Closer to home, we parse the Twitter storm whipped up by Ed Power’s stinging Wyvern Lingo comments. From there, it’s all Brian May raging against the media machine, cloud macchiatos with Ariana Grande and Kanye West’s Sunday service.


Songs Of The Week sees the Jonas Brothers giving us a dose of purity ring pop nostalgia, Mac DeMarco angering Mitski fans while appealing to Mary-Kate, and more.


She’s been on the cusp of pop stardom for some time, so has rising Norwegian artist Sigrid capitalised with her long-playing debut? Sucker Punch is our Album Of The Week.


Participant – ‘Medicine’