#156 | Molly’s Game

NO ENCORE returns as Dave, Daithí and Craig welcome Molly Sterling for a chat, provide further dispatches from the RTÉ Choice Music Prize, and muse on bathing etiquette.

ACT ONE: NO POPCORN #002 incoming, but what band ‘Hurt’ Dave this week?
ACT TWO: The boys got their vox pop on at the Choice – hear some immediate hot takes from Nialler9, The Point of Everything, Tony Clayton-Lea and Zara Hedderman.
ACT THREE: News, and plenty of it.
ACT FOUR: Rising artist Molly Sterling is enjoying a dark and challenging rebirth. She opens up on a difficult breakthrough and an exciting new direction.
ACT FIVE: Songs of the Week.
ACT SIX: Foals have unleashed part one of their latest voyage. Can long-time sceptic Dave finally be won over?
EXIT MUSIC: Anna Mullarkey | ‘Sometimes’