NO ENCORE #159 | Picture That

A very special guest hits up NO ENCORE HQ this week with an important purpose.

Dave reports on an epic, life-changing journey. Daithí played his part. Craig did not. Elsewhere, the boys look at the debut album of Billie Eilish and engage in questionable shopping etiquette.

ACT ONE: Yes, Dave actually did that. Five nights of it, no less. Hear the whole gory story and do bail over to JOE to read more about it.

ACT TWO: News as Leo V Taoiseach indulges in pop perks, Green Day embrace their feminine side, Skrillex fends off pests and KFC annoy everyone while boosting their brand.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week with Modest Mouse, Khalid, Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét, The Drums, and Rosalía.

ACT FOUR: Much hype about Billie Eilish these past few months, some of it emanating from this very show. Can her debut possibly live up to expectations?

EXIT MUSIC: Damsel | ‘Head Hums’