NO ENCORE #163 | Heaven Is A Herp Alert

The year is 2019 AD and Earth’s population has been decimated to the point where there’s no one left to assume NO ENCORE hosting duties bar Craig Fitzpatrick. We’d say may God have mercy on our souls if it wasn’t already clear he had completely forsaken us. But wait, who’s that in the distance? 

Yes, it’s Captain Fiddle himself ready to save the day! With Daithí back onboard, we’ve another two-man power trip through what was a jam-packed week in the world of music. 

But first: Daithí reminisces about how he could have been Ireland’s answer to Tony Hawk, Craig talks about stumbling into a very quiet, very serious gig at just the wrong time, and the boys can’t contain themselves: yes, there is Game Of Thrones chat, but it’s sequestered in its own section bookended by cats singing the theme tune so you can easily skip.


CHVRCHES under threat from a loathsome bunch of fans, Kevin Abstract on a treadmill for 10 hours and Coachella blamed for a massive herpes outbreak, Oh, and Jaden Smith’s set to play an alternate reality version of Kanye West. It’s the news.


Fear not, we have your Dave Hanratty fix. Our man sat down with The Murder Capital and drew on all his reserves of journalistic patience and nous to wring something interesting from it. Fascinating listening.


In Songs Of The Week, Taylor Swift enlists Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie as part of her reDisneyfication. And plunges us into a deep existential funk. Can the return of Stormzy and Japanese Breakfast lift our spirits?


The immensely talented Aldous Harding got us super hyped for her third LP with the release of lead single ‘The Barrel’ earlier this year. Does Designer live up to our expectations? 


Nealo ft God Knows & Innrspace – ‘Questions’