NO ENCORE #164 | Capital Punishment

NO ENCORE is back, as is host Dave Hanratty.

The boys are reunited in time to discuss the Met Gala, Game of Thrones, last week’s Murder Capital smackdown, the new Big Thief album, and why Daithí isn’t going to Colm’s wedding.

ACT ONE: A busy preamble takes in most of the above and more.

ACT TWO: Met Gala fallout, Wu Tang honoured, Tool toy with our emotions, and some reminiscing on a bizarre music video from about five years ago.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week featuring Denzel Curry, MorMor, and Blink-182.

ACT FOUR: The whole world seems to be in love with neo-folksters Big Thief and their new album U.F.O.F. but are the NO ENCORE lads so easily won over?

EXIT MUSIC: Loah & Bantum | ‘April Brave’