Dave and Daithí go remote this week on NO ENCORE as Craig sells out once again.
Luckily, we caught up with HEALTH frontman Jake Duzsik during the Los Angeles noisemakers’ recent trip to Dublin. On the agenda; social media dos and don’ts, politics, video games, pop culture, and a great deal more.
Elsewhere this week; Daithí attends the swankest gathering of his young life, and Dave… doesn’t.

ACT ONE: Daithí and Miggledy 4 Life, Slane non-report and other happenings.
ACT TWO: HEALTH man Jake Duzsik in conversation.
ACT THREE: It’s the news – the passing of Philomena Lynott, the great Universal blaze, Satanic panic in Limerick, and Miley Cyrus Damage Control Corner.
ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week ft. Dermot Kennedy, BTS, Charli XCX, Flume and London Grammar.
EXIT MUSIC: Tony Fitz – ‘Empty’