NO ENCORE #173 | It Was Just Bantum

A ridiculously stacked episode this week on NO ENCORE as the OG Three return to the fold. There’s reviews of huge gigs, a great interview with Bantum and a genuinely insane foray into the world of music from a Hollywood superstar.
Let’s do this…

ACT ONE: Reviews of Mother Pride Block Party, Glastonbury from the couch, and Vampire Weekend’s trip to Trinity College.
ACT TWO: Tons of acrimonious news featuring Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Jack White, Interpol and Dave and Craig’s old haunt doing them proud.
ACT THREE: Bantum is back and he’s got a rake of ace tunes with him. But first, the boys catch up with a man rejuvenated as he celebrates 10 years of making music.
ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week with Jeremy Renner (yep), Kanye, and a homegrown team-up.
ACT FIVE: Thom Yorke returns with another solo effort, but what do the guys make of ANIMA?
EXIT MUSIC: Dashoda – ‘In Between’