NO ENCORE #175 | Sheer(an) Terror

The NO ENCORE boys are back – well, two of them, at least. With Daithí away, Dave and Craig will play.
On the agenda; the new Ed Sheeran album, Craig’s festival trip abroad and the current state of The Strokes, and one Song of the Week that isn’t like the others…

ACT ONE: Craig talks about Bilbao for a bit.
ACT TWO: News including the world’s biggest 2Pac fan, Rihanna under fire, Lizzomania, and Tool vs Justin Bieber.
ACT THREE: Songs of the Week with Purple Mountains, another Charli XCX collab, and a song that holds up.
ACT FOUR: Ed Sheeran has gathered together a bunch of his superstar mates for a team-up album that has greatly upset Dave and Craig.
EXIT MUSIC: Pillow Queens – ‘Gay Girls’ (Elaine Mai remix)