NO ENCORE #177 | A Hellscape of Similes

With the studio once again approaching critical meltdown levels, NO ENCORE’s Dave and Craig welcome the returning Dean Van Nguyen to the table.

Dean has a new book out – Iron Age: The Art of Ghostface Killah – and he explains why you should pick it up. Elsewhere, the new Chance the Rapper album comes into all of its overlong and irritating focus…

ACT ONE: A bit on Dean’s book.

ACT TWO: Oh joy, there’s another flowery Fontaines D.C. profile in the wild. The boys examine the New York Times’ take on the Dublin punks and there’s some other scattergun news action, too.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week featuring BoyW1DR, HAIM and Brockhampton.

ACT FOUR: Chance the Rapper got married and he wants to tell you about it. For 77 minutes. Sigh.

EXIT MUSIC: lullahush – ‘Elysium’