NO ENCORE #179 | Boys In The Better Band

The NO ENCORE studio becomes People’s Republic territory, as show OG Colm O’Regan hops back on the mic to cover for our brother in The 6ix. Craig and Daithi complete a familiar trio – do line-ups get any better than that? Why yes, they do, as we also have a new interview with The Country’s Best Band, Girl Band.


The return of O’Regan comes at a busy time, as Daithi arrives fresh from The Fleadh (a boyhood dream, we learn) with new music in tow and Craig reveals he’s off on a last-minute jaunt to New York. Will he secure Broadway tickets to see Jeff Daniels’ poignant turn as Atticus Finch? Find out in a fortnight. But before that…


Our news starts with a cruise, as Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch declares “It’s like the geeks won – the geeks made it to heaven for a long weekend!” We take a look at B&S’s “Boaty Weekender” around the Med (it’s no “Motörboat”). Elsewhere, A$AP Rocky is found guilty but he’ll be grand, BTS go on a break and make Gavin James a star in Korea, and Jay Z gets into bed with the NFL.


Ahead of the September 27 release of The Talkies, Girl Band are in conversation with our own Dave Hanratty.


Songs Of The Week time. Big Thief get prolific, Kendrick supports a Top Dawg mate and Whitney give us wistful end-of-summer vibes.


How do you follow a puzzling masterpiece like 22, A Million? We find out, taking a deep dive into Bon Iver’s i,i. Oh, and there’s a drive-by Slipknot review, natch.


Daithi – ‘Nobody New Around You’