NO ENCORE #180 | If You’re 555 Then I’m 6ix6ix6ix

Dave brings good tidings from Toronto, Daithí is a Love Sensation, and telly addict Zara Hedderman makes a dramatic return to NO ENCORE.

Up for debate; the debut album from The Murder Capital, celebrity waxwork etiquette, and the demise of another homegrown outfit…

ACT ONE: Zara’s summer of TV, Dave’s enjoyable escape and Daithi’s latest festival engagement.

ACT TWO: Otherkin RIP, Taylor Swift takes control, Billie Eilish conquers all, Cheryl Cole has relevancy issues, and Slayer upset the delicate sensibilities of NASCAR.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week with Kojaque x Luka Palm, Kim Gordon, and Bat For Lashes.

ACT FOUR: The Murder Capital unleash their debut album amidst a tidal wave of hype. Your NE trio duly dive in.

EXIT MUSIC: Wallis Bird – ‘Brutal Honesty’