NO ENCORE #181 | Down With The Clown

Your core NO ENCORE trio are back together as Dave, Craig and Daithí finally convene again.
On the agenda; Slipknot in conversation, Taylor Swift’s latest long-player, and a brief dive into James Bond territory…

ACT ONE: Craig and Dave discuss their respective late summer jaunts.
ACT TWO: News, featuring the Harry Styles press push, the VMAs, and Craig patting himself on the back.
ACT THREE: Dave chats to Clown from Slipknot about life, love, and the band’s superb new album.
ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week with Pusha T, Ms. Lauryn Hill, The 1975, and A.G. Cook.
ACT FIVE: Taylor Swift returns with Lover. Alice Kiernan pops in to help the boys make sense of it all.
EXIT MUSIC: Neverwait – ‘Blind’