NO ENCORE #182 | Tool Me Once…

Your core NO ENCORE threesome do an episode exclusively together from start to finish for the first time in a little bit.

Tool, Electric Picnic, Burning Man, Lana Del Rey and plenty more are on the agenda, so let’s do it to it…

ACT ONE: Dave, ready to re-enter festival hiatus yet again, details the highs and lows of Electric Picnic 2019.

ACT TWO: A scattering of news.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week featuring Grimes, Francis and the Lights, and Twin Shadow.

ACT FOUR: Stoner-friendly prog-rock titans Tool return with Fear Inoculum, their first record in 13 years. The boys go deep on an 87-minute epic.

EXIT MUSIC: Inhaler – ‘Ice Cream Sundae’