NO ENCORE #183 | Post Malone’s Pop Sandwich

Sickness strikes and the result is a two-man power trip as Dave and Craig strap in for another wild week in the world of music on NO ENCORE.
On the cards; the dominance of Post Malone, Kurt Cobain’s crumbling legacy, and tributes to the late, great Daniel Johnston.

ACT ONE: Overheard in Castleknock and brief film-related discussion.
ACT TWO: News, with the passing of Daniel Johnston, Kurt Cobain advertising concerns, festival recognition software, and a big SUPER-SHOW that we’ll likely be avoiding.
ACT THREE: New tunes from the likes of M83, Danny Brown, and a team-up between Slowthai and Denzel Curry.
ACT FOUR: Post Malone is your new streaming overlord, but is he a worthy avatar for today’s generation? The boys dive into Hollywood’s Bleeding. 
EXIT MUSIC: Orla Gartland – ‘Did It To Myself’