NO ENCORE #187 | On An Undercover Cop

Salutations. NO ENCORE‘s Craig and Dave draft singer-songwriter man Carlo Magliocco in to assist in reviewing the new, typically ambitious and otherworldly Nick Cave record.
Before all that, there’s a sit-down with Tandem Felix hero David A. Tapley as debut album Rom-Com finally emerges, and plenty of list-based musings to consider…

ACT ONE: Lists, lists, and more lists.
ACT TWO: A scattering of news.
ACT THREE: Tapley takes a stroll to Daithí’s home studio where the boys have a conversation.
ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week with Michael Stipe, The Who, and Caribou.
ACT FIVE: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Ghosteen under review.
EXIT MUSIC: Tandem Felix – ‘Tapley Takes a Stroll’