NO ENCORE #188 | Daithí’s Album L.O.S.S. Out Now!

Congratulations to our resident Captain Fiddle on the release of his superb new album, which is out now so go and listen to it!

As such, he’s not here on NO ENCORE this week. Filling in is the wonderful Brendan Canty, a man who knows a thing or two about music videos and Big Thief, which is helpful as that’s our big album review this week…

ACT ONE: Go listen to Daithí’s album!

ACT TWO: One of the most red-hot news sections in some time takes in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations, Pharrell suddenly listening to ‘Blurred Lines’ for seemingly the first time, that Joker song inclusion, and Elton John’s Lion King remorse.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week featuring Pusha T, Harry Styles, and William Doyle.

ACT FOUR: Big Thief return with Two Hands, their second album this calendar year. Very much the lo-fi critical darlings of the moment, is the hype justified?