NO ENCORE #195 | Echo Island

Boom, boom, boom – Dave and Daithí convene in Daithí HQ where things wound up sounding a wee bit big like when you select that beloved “concert” EQ on your favourite music-listening device. So yeah, enjoy that.
Also enjoy a NO ENCORE interview with Maija Sofia, a round-up of gig reviews, thoughts on the new Coldplay album and an important show-related announcement…

ACT ONE: Dave went to Sigrid, Daithí went to Girl Band and Tandem Felix.
ACT TWO: The problematic music industry strikes again, Billie Eilish does the Vanity Fair thing, The Chainsmokers are terrible and oh cool, they’re making a Michael Jackson movie. It’s the news.
ACT THREE: Coldplay just want to give us all a hug. How does their Everyday Life measure up?
ACT FOUR: It’s been a terrific year for Irish music and Bath Time, the debut album from Maija Sofia, is one of the reasons why. She chats to Dave and Craig on how it all came together.
ACT FIVE: Songs of the Week with The Weeknd, Cornershop and JFDR.
EXIT MUSIC: MuRli – ‘Naufrage’