Full disclosure: annoyingly, the headline ‘Brian May Hospitalised After Tearing Buttock Muscles While Gardening’  broke after we recorded. Who’s to say whether we would have mentioned it, right?

Fuller disclosure: we temporarily drop a regular NO ENCORE section… but pick up a beloved special guest!

Fullest disclosure: Craig’s cheery prediction that “maybe this episode will come in at about 45 minutes” proved extremely incorrect…

ACT ONE: You could probably guess a meaty ep was in store from the preamble, which includes detours into boomer shopping etiquette, Craig’s cat leading a double life and some ferocious David Crosby support for our long-running Doors-based vitriol.

ACT TWO: To far sadder matters, as we lose two giants of music this week. We look back at the diverging but equally towering legacies of Afrobeat legend Tony Allen and Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider.

Elsewhere, life finds a way. We congratulate Grimes and Elon Musk on the arrival of X Æ A-12 (really isn’t meant to read sarcastically). Then use it as a jumping-off point for a ‘Guess The Musician’s Kid’s Name’ game. Shout out to Jermajesty Jackson, as always.

There’s also talk of drive-in gigs, the live music situation in general, the possibility of a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel and plenty more.

ACT THREE: Our duelling Top 5s: Best Album Openers. Another one where the choices were plentiful and the shortlists not so short. Lots of mutual rhapsodising over excellent sounds this week – although it does kick off with one particular Dave choice being hugely (if inadvertently) undermined by his co-host from the get-go.

Finally, our glorious patrons will know this already, but if you’re at all able to show some support over at, we’re now posting full Top 5 write-ups each week. Hopefully just the start of extra bits and bobs for patrons’ eyes/ears only! Much love, stay safe.