The long weekend descends as your NO ENCORE duo head underground for one of their deepest and oddest of Top 5 dives yet – weirdest subgenres! We also turn our critical gaze upon a talked-about trio from Limerick to see if their chilly post-punk will soundtrack our summer.

ACT ONE: Craig dials in from a land with no water supply, Dave’s winningly lubricated… it’s our weekly catch-up.

ACT TWO [2:42]: Gigs are returning to Ireland! But you need a car! And a tolerance for sensitive yet anthemic indie pop! Gavin James explains how he’s healing the nation, as Craig and Dave throw some spitballs from the back of the classroom. Then it’s off to a haunted castle in Germany to catch up with a stranded Bolivian orchestra. Elsewhere, the (separate) Taylor Swift and Brian May news section sagas rumble on…

ACT THREE [23:43]: … And rumbling into view, it’s Bleeding Heart Pigeons with their sophomore effort, Stir. A week on from dissecting The 1975’s ginormous new LP, we’re on the big New Romantic, ‘80s vibes yet again. Quite a number of tunes as well. Question is: are they a band out of time or an act so striking that they’ll drag this guitar sound back into the spotlight?

ACT FOUR [36:13]: Our Top 5 main event finds us exploring the weirdest (and most oddly beguiling) subgenres we’ve ever encountered in our respective years in the music journalism game. There’s buried treasure here, for sure, alongside stuff that’s borderline unlistenable – join us on this wild ride.

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