In the words of Antonio Banderas in the ludicrous Desperado… let’s play.

In honour of a major release, Dave and Craig get involved in all things video game music for this week’s NO ENCORE top five face-off. Tis an energetic one, and there’s even a special guest.

Elsewhere, we hear from musician and healthcare professional Jamie Adam as the ‘when are gigs coming back?’ horizon continues to look quite blurry, plus all the usual news and happenings.

ACT ONE [5:08]: The aforementioned news and happenings.

ACT TWO [37:12] Jamie Adam on the juggling act that is making music and being a full-time health worker during a global pandemic.

ACT THREE [54:00]: Plug in to our video game music forum.

ACT FOUR [1:37:23]: With Dave’s number one selection revealed, we chat with an Irish musician that wound up featuring on that very soundtrack.

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