What’s wrong with being sexy? On the latest episode of NO ENCORE, we find out.

As Craig Fitzpatrick (ie me) makes his return on a jam-packed show, we’re on a voyage of discovery, seeing a different side of Vin Diesel, deep diving the latest album from Sufjan Stevens and bringing the (occasionally nauseating) raunch with the Top 5 Sexiest Songs of All Time… And the Top 5 Least-Sexy “Sexy Songs”. It’s quite the showstopper.

Joining Craig for these couple of Dave-less hours (Hanners takes a holiday), is long-time friend of the show Mark O’Brien.

You may know the wickedly talented, one-and-only O’Brien by the musical name Royal Yellow (recently featured in Normal People donchaknow) and as part of the much-missed Enemies.

He’s lent some low-key, soothing ambience from his laptop fan, by the way. Very relaxing. Speaking of Enemies, their seminal Irish debut, We’ve Been Talkingjust got a fancy vinyl re-release.

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So, on with the show…

ACT ONE: A little catch-up with the wonderful Mark O’Brien, who’s also eager to hear about a little vinyl delivery Craig got last week. Jai Paul, is that you? It’s been so many years!

ACT TWO [13:25]: More surprises in the news, as we are forced to cancel Right Said Fred. So many musical heroes gone. Luckily, we’re making new ones all the time. Like Vin Diesel. Elsewhere, a grungy Mariah Carey shocks us, as does a rogue Whitney Houston hologram, and there’s some Attenborough/Björk loveliness to ease us into…

ACT THREE [39:24]: Quite the mammoth undertaking, as we review the heavier-than-heaven epic that is The Ascension, the much-anticipated new album from Sufjan Stevens. A lot to unpack.

ACT FOUR [1:04:40]: Different kinds of revelations and unpacking, as we hit a memorable Top 5. Mark O’Brien graces us with his shouts for the greatest, most sensual babymaking music of all time. Then Craig is ready to immediately kill the mood, with five of the least sexy “sexy” songs you’ll ever hear. The picks are more lighthearted cringe than downright despicable tunes, just fyi… that said, maybe throw on the headphones for this bit?

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