We go again. NO ENCORE‘s Dave Hanratty and Craig Fitzpatrick swap out Zoom for Skype this week, virtual prison given a fresh coat of paint as the boys try their best. We’re all just trying our best, guys! On the episode – Future Islands have a new album, the finest live performances come into focus, and the pop culture pendulum swings from Pokémon to The X-Files along the way.

ACT ONE (3:25): It’s the news! Important veteran music feud update, Wayne Coyne revamps the live experience, Tom DeLonge goes all auteur on us and there’s some new, potentially imminent albums to consider.

ACT TWO (24:20): Future Islands came to prominence in wacky viral fashion six years ago. They’re on their sixth album these days. Any use, or does Dave’s particular hang-up about this band ring true?

ACT THREE (44:45): This week’s Top 5 is all about live performances – not necessarily full concerts but rather one-off moments in time that stopped us in our tracks, even if we weren’t present for them.

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