Quick disclaimer – Dave’s audio turned out a little hotter than expected, sincere apologies for any listening inconvenience and we’ll fix it for next week. The NO ENCORE boys are back with the first Top 5 rundown of 2021, running the Best & Worst rule over what happens when an act leaves a successful band to go it alone. Where do Zayn and his third studio album fit in? Only one way to find out, dearest listener…

ACT ONE: A new challenger emerges for a defiant Craig.

ACT TWO (5:56): Presidential inaugurations. Suspicious celebrations. Bad people. The future of gigs in the wake of Glastonbury’s latest cancellation. The gang’s all here for this week’s news section.

ACT THREE (29:57): Zayn has long left his One Direction days behind but has he finally made the solo thing work? Let’s check in on the latest long-player effort; the dangerously-titled Nobody Is Listening.

ACT FOUR (41:58): Going out on your own is a rite of passage for many musicians. Sometimes, magic happens. Other times, not so much. Top 5 Post-Band Solo Adventures has it all.

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