In which our two semi-cocooned heroes recall some very recent (and very raw) emotional rollercoasters they’ve experienced when venturing outside (quite the preamble), before they dive into a busy week of musical goodness. It’s the eternally non-fungible, one and only NO ENCORE!

ACT ONE: Dave gets caught in a storm (is it hailing? he hadn’t noticed) and Craig (that be me) one-ups a furry nemesis.

ACT TWO (6:24): Our usual hypothetical-festival update takes an odd turn, Mumford abandons a son, Gene Simmons might have a point and so End Times are surely upon us. And that’s all before Dave leaves it up to Craig to explain non-fungible token technology. News gonna news.

ACT THREE (29:12): Speaking of non-fungible tokens, Kings Of Leon just made history by releasing a record that way. Will they be reinventing the wheel musically with When You See Yourself? We’d settle for a return to early glories. As Craig starts treating a Zane Lowe interview like a deep Freudian text, Dave, well, he tries his very best with it…

ACT FOUR (48:22): On a totally unrelated note, we take a look at the Top 5 Sell Out Moments In Music History. Those times when artists dramatically compromised their creative vision to chase buco dinero, essentially. We’re not here to judge. Just have a little fun. That okay with you?

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