It’s on! A NO ENCORE for the ages, as we revisit the good and garbage of a genre very close to Dave’s heart – and clearly seldom far from Craig’s thoughts. Yep. Nu Metal Special. Time to let it all come out. Stand up and shout, etc etc.

ACT ONE: Craig has just narrowly avoided some work-based embarrassment so he naturally jumps on the show to talk about said embarrassing thing.

ACT TWO (4:24): Billie Joe Armstrong assesses Green Day’s best work, so we assess his assessment. A busy news section, that has time for a trip to Kiss Korner before…

ACT THREE (22:53): …Dave talks to London-based journalist and Gunners fan Reiss De Bruin about Spotify founder Daniel Ek’s Arsenal takeover bid.

ACT FOUR (40:40): As Dave makes a compelling case for the musical genre of his youth, Craig prepares the damning evidence for its Hague tribunal. This week’s Top 5? Best & Worst Nu Metal Songs.

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