Two of a kind. Birds of a feather. Dave Hanratty and Craig Fitzpatrick combine once more to run the rule over the music world.

On the agenda this week – lots of news including a shock nu metal return (turns out we’re not done with it, sorry), the third album from rock enthusiasts Royal Blood and a Top 5 that celebrates and commiserates some of the most interesting musical duos in history.

ACT ONE (3:15): News! Wicked Wisdom reborn, Billie Eilish makes a statement, gigs are back… kind of, Ed Sheeran gives back, and what are U2 doing now?

ACT TWO (26:50): Simultaneously really popular and quite forgettable arena-fillers Royal Blood return with Typhoons, an album Dave reckons he listened to over 20 times this week. Does that mean it’s good, though?

ACT THREE (40:00): Top 5 Musical Duos – best (Craig) and worst (Dave) – takes in all manner of intriguing unions.

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