Ace music journo and our very own super sub Zara Hedderman joins a returning Craig Fitzpatrick for a NO ENCORE episode that’s big on breaking news… and big on Bob.

ACT ONE: How Craig helplessly listened last week, unable to come to an anguished Dave’s aid, a Hedderman catch-up, and a taste of a Saint Sister chat to come.

ACT TWO (8:50): Subterranean Homesick… News? We tease out a developing story as Mumford & Sons lose a banjo player so he can save us from Antifa, or something. We also discuss Britney Spears’ heartbreaking new statement, T Pain’s bizarre (and heartbreaking) plane encounter with Usher, a ridiculously cringeworthy case of accidental plagiarism, a visit to Kiss Korner and much, much more.

ACT THREE (49:20): Ditching new album talk this week for a deep dive into the wonderful world of Bob Dylan. As the icon hits a milestone birthday, Zara is tasked with picking her Top 5 Bob Dylan songs of all time… while Craig has been digging around in the absolute dregs of his back catalogue. There’s some doozies in there, folks. Let’s dive in.

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