#152 | Break Up With Your Other Podcasts, We’re Bored

This week on NO ENCORE, we make a shock decision to cover an electro-industrial album rather than the latest long-player from the biggest pop star on the planet… And then can’t help discussing new Ariana Grande in-depth at the top of the show anyway.

Elsewhere, Craig didn’t really watch the Grammys but has opinions on it and Dave’s been hanging out in the media section of a church.


Yep, so Craig won’t be attending a Ryan Adams gig anytime soon. We discuss the awful New York Times revelations about the alt-country star. In brighter news, 21 Savage has been released from the clutches of the dastardly ICE and a famous London venue takes Daithi’s side in the whole ’should stage times be released?’ debate.


We’re joined by rising Dublin rapper Nealo for a chat about swapping hardcore for hip hop, inspirational dog walking, existential crises and why music sounds better when it’s the unvarnished truth.


Has Dave come around to Otherkin? Can Jessie Ware put a foot wrong? Have we all been sleeping on Mini Mansions? All these questions and more answered in Songs Of The Week.


“This album was designed to be played at a high volume. Please do your best.” We did indeed do our best with HEALTH’s fourth… So is VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR worth the potential earache?


Royal Yellow – ‘Aruba’