NO ENCORE #007 | Views on Views

Episode VII. The Podcast Awakens? In truth, it’s difficult to stay animated when listening to the new album from Canadian hip hop sensation Drake, but HeadStuff Music Editor Dave HanrattyHot Press henchman Colm O’Regan and Newstalk numbers-cruncher Craig Fitzpatrick do their very best on the brand new episode of the NO ENCORE podcast as they tackle their views on Views alongside new efforts from LUH and ANOHNI.

Before all that, lots of whimsical music news, the best new songs that you need in your ears and a Top 10 that is guaranteed to stir and indeed shake the senses to their very core.

ACT ONE: The boys quickly get down to business, poring over the most eye-catching developments in the music world; from a bunch of old rockers taking to the desert to the return of Radiohead to just what might lie within Prince’s mythical vault. Oh, and the horrendous new song from Red Hot Chili Peppers goes under the microscope.

ACT TWO (22:45): The ‘Song of the Week’ format is shaken up as our intrepid trio make time for a handful of numbers that won their hearts and minds in recent times. Kehlani, Heroes In Hiding, Windings and AlunaGeorge all make an impression.

ACT THREE (33:10): Inspired by the one and only Kylie Jenner, this week’s Top 10 pits the very worst in celebrity forays into music against one another. We can only apologise in advance. (Though Dave will never, ever, ever apologise for entrant #5 on the list).

ACT FOUR (47:00): Grab yourself a pillow or three as the lads get stuck into Drake’s astonishingly boring Views. Nope, they didn’t like it. Also up for discussion; debut efforts from LUH and ANOHNI.

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