NO ENCORE #008 | Mournful Falsetto SMACKDOWN

HeadStuff Music Editor Dave HanrattyHot Press word-man Colm O’Regan and Newstalk business dude Craig Fitzpatrick are back with another exciting edition of the NO ENCORE podcast. As Rolling Stone pointed out*; “It’s the best podcast there is, the best podcast there was, and the best podcast there ever will be.”

*Nobody associated with Rolling Stone has made this claim.

This week, The Lads run down some pretty contentious music news, question the practice of critics rushing to judgement with album reviews and pit the new efforts from Radiohead and James Blake against one another. See, we waited actual days to form our opinions because we’re sound.

ACT ONE: Some football chat because why not and then some hot hot news for your ears. On the agenda? Gene Simmons being a dickhead (again), Azealia Banks being outrageously horrible (again) and a mediocre art band see a terrible publicity stunt blow up in their faces.

ACT TWO (22:30): SONGS OF THE WEEK! Justin Timberlake makes his “long-awaited” comeback and there’s new stuff from the likes of Local Natives, Minor Victories, Desiigner and an astonishingly poor effort from Manic Street Preachers.

ACT THREE (42:45): Oh hey, it’s the Top 10 most ostentatious rapper purchases.

ACT FOUR (49:20): Let’s talk about music critics taking the piss by writing album reviews a handful of hours after first hearing them, shall we?

ACT FIVE (57:30): The most emotional showdown of May 2016; Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool (seriously, where’s the hyphen?) goes up against James Blake’s 76-minute-long The Colour In Anything. Who wins? We decide.

Exit Music: ‘Spirit Level’ by Orangutan.