NO ENCORE #009 | Chance Would Be A Fine Thing

Adopted son of Norway Colm O’Regan has once more abandoned his NO ENCORE co-host duties and has indulged in a much-needed holiday so HeadStuff Music Editor Dave Hanratty and serious Newstalk business journalist Craig Fitzpatrick are joined by the always-excellent Dean Van Nguyen; music writer and cultural critic whose bylines include Pitchfork, NME, The Irish Times, Consequence of Sound and a whole lot more.

On the agenda? Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book, some very good – and quite bad – new songs, lots of exciting news, a ‘car crash’ interview that left the guys a touch bemused and, but of course, some Kanye West talk.

ACT ONE: Dave and Craig finally went to a gig again, so there’s a quick report of Red Enemy’s appointment with The Workman’s Club and some talk on the excellent Green Room and music-related films before…

ACT TWO (10:50): IT’S THE NEWS. Rage Against The Machine aren’t releasing a new record and Dave is upset, Nathan Carter almost provokes a home invasion, Avril Lavigne jumps to the defence of Nickelback and Barack Obama shouts out the Finnish metal scene, because why not?

ACT THREE (32:30): The glorious return of Craig On Kanye.

ACT FOUR (39:00): Father John Misty did an interview and people got all hot and bothered. What do the NO ENCORE crew make of it all?

ACT FIVE (51:00): Five numbers make up our Songs of the Week, including the ambitiously dreadful return of The Stone Roses.

ACT SIX (1:12:15) A definitive review Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book, a record which has drawn much critical acclaim. Is it deserved?

Exit Music: ‘Held Down’ by Lavelle.