NO ENCORE #010.5 ?! | Yeah, this isn’t a proper episode sorry

Hello there. Due to scheduling conflicts and a series of unfortunate events, we don’t have a proper full episode of NO ENCORE for you this week. Believe us, we did our very best only for circumstances to conspire against us. Back to our regularly scheduled programming next week, promise.

For now, enjoy this mini episode of sorts in which a more-defeated-than-usual Dave Hanratty sits down with Chief HeadStuff Machine Alan Bennett for a brief chat about Frank Ocean, Prince and, most importantly of all, FOOTBALL. That’s right, it’s the official NO ENCORE Euro 2016 sweepstakes. Six men shall do battle, only one can win the grand prize. See who’s involved and how that shakes out.

Also, by way of apology, we’ve chosen to end the episode with the best song of all time. Come back to us next week, won’t you?