NO ENCORE #017 | Swift Justice

Yep, there’s no two ways about it – your NO ENCORE brothers in arms simply had to weigh in on the whole Kimye/Taylor situation, despite host Dave’s protestations to the contrary. You read that correctly; Dave didn’t want to talk about Kanye this week.

Our intrepid trio are joined by music journo and all-round good guy George Morahan to discuss the aforementioned soap opera developments and more besides. There’s some good – and not so good – tunes to delve into and a review of the Kendrick Lamar-headlined Longitude festival.

ACT ONE: The latest in the celebrity world’s most enduring conflict, why A$AP Rocky shouldn’t do interviews ever again and wait, what is Justin Bieber up to with his new merchandise?

ACT TWO (25:30): Inspired by last week’s superb country music playlist in the HeadStuff Music section, Craig unleashes the Top 10 Best Country Music Song Titles.

ACT THREE (30:00): SONGS OF THE WEEK featuring Prophets of Rage, De La Soul, Jamie T and Wild Beasts. At least one of them is good.

ACT FOUR (46:50): Your four hosts (one of whom wasn’t there at all) combine like Captain Planet warriors to deliver a review of Marly Park spectacular Longitude 2016.

EXIT MUSIC: Drown – ‘Descent’

Oh, and if you feel like playing bingo and/or engaging in a possibly highly-dangerous drinking game, you can do so below with the official NO ENCORE bingo/drinking game card~! Many thanks to the ace Andrea Cleary for taking it upon herself to provide the below image:


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