NO ENCORE #020 | At Swim / No Ocean

Double X gonna give it to ya, or something. 20 episodes young and your NO ENCORE boys have only gone and been nominated for a prestigious honour. They’d like to thank…. er, you, tbh, for listening. Legit serious it means a lot. We’re only going to improve and it’s a pleasure to have you on board, so go follow the advice of troubled Toronto troubadour The Weeknd and go tell your friends about it (about it).

Episode 20 is as busy as ever as State Magazine film editor and American sports enthusiast Dave Higgins joins the fray as the likes of Frank Ocean, The Simpsons, Lisa Hannigan and a great deal more find themselves under the NE microscope…

ACT ONE: Potential accolades, wrestling and the return of a prodigal son to a gigantic football team.

ACT TWO (5:10): Frank Ocean didn’t release his album (shocking, right?), The Simpsons goes hip hop, another show goes on the road and a veteran indie band call it a day.

ACT THREE (21:00): Craig On Kanye and how Colm destroyed Irish Olympic dreams.

ACT FOUR (27:30): Some new songs for all to enjoy and/or suffer through.

ACT FIVE (46:50): Lisa Hannigan returns with third record At Swim. What do we think?

EXIT MUSIC: Ilenkus – ‘Hunny Bunny’

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