NO ENCORE #022 | Five Go Down To The Ocean

It’s about that time.

Yep, Frank Ocean finally dropped the album. Two albums, technically. As such, it’s a full NO ENCORE roundtable of reflection this week as Dave, Colm and Craig welcome back Dave Higgins and Dean Van Nguyen in order to delve deep into the Ocean. Before that there’s some news of both serious and ludicrous stature and a few songs worth considering for wildly different reasons.

Oh and if you want to know just what went into Dave’s ‘terrific’ smoothie, hit him up on Twitter.

ACT ONE: In the news this week; a powerful industry figure calls for change, The Weeknd gets down with some French robots and a nu-metal/grunge sensation hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

ACT TWO (19:10): Keeping with the episode’s theme, the Songs of the Week is a return-heavy situation as Metallica, Chromatics, Jimmy Eat World and Craig David get rated and slated accordingly.

ACT THREE (33:15): Smoothies, spiral staircases, unrequited friend requests, avant-garde contractual obligation workarounds and a whole lot to unpack; Frank Ocean has finally returned. The team take an in-depth look at Endless and Blonde.

EXIT MUSIC: Wolfgang Tillmans – ‘Device Control’