NO ENCORE #025 | None More Black

Dark times in the NO ENCORE studio as Dave loses a tooth, Craig deals with a sudden tragedy and Colm… is in pretty good form by comparison, actually.

Elsewhere it’s a bright summer day as the boys tackle a pretty shoddy batch of new songs and go in-depth on the new album from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds which deals with harrowing grief and fucking hell this sounds like the grimmest episode yet, doesn’t it? There’s levity and good times mixed in, honest. PLUS a review of a different album which is a lot of upbeat fun, so please don’t switch off after 10 minutes or so. Cheers.

ACT ONE: Some aforementioned trauma, an important Lil Wayne update, cultural appropriation, streaming wars and what happens when the Norwegian black metal scene and regional politics collide.

ACT TWO (17:40): Heavyweight names clash as Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga, Post Malone, Justin Bieber and Justice battle it out to be crowned the least worst new song of the week.

ACT THREE (34:00): Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ 16th studio album Skeleton Tree is a raw exploration of the soul that will forever be entwined with an all-too-real tragedy. The NO ENCORE boys look closely at both it and accompanying documentary One More Time With Feeling.

ACT FOUR (53:00): A swift change in tone as Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam’s lively I Had A Dream That You Were Mine comes into focus.

EXIT MUSIC: No Monster Club – ‘Hippocampus Circus Maximus’