NO ENCORE #026 | Living For The Weeknd

Recorded before the insecure drummer from The Blizzards @’ed Craig on Twitter, the latest NO ENCORE is a whirling dervish of life, love, the future and wait no hang on that’s not what we’re about at all. It’s a music podcast, so let’s talk about music. There’s a significantly better Songs of the Week section and a new album from one of Ireland’s more underrated acts to consider, so LET’S DO IT~!

ACT ONE: The boys said they wouldn’t talk about U2 on this episode, so here they are talking about Bono vs Donald Trump. Plus, what do Marilyn Manson and the son of Gene Simmons think? Meanwhile, Sky Ferreira becomes a creative bunny and Killer Mike receives the ultimate honour.

ACT TWO (19:35): It’s the much-vaunted return of The Weeknd as Big Abel teams up with Daft Punk to proclaim himself a motherfuckin’ ‘Starboy’. There’s also new songs from Leonard Cohen, Danny Brown, Tinashe and, sigh, Bloc Party…

ACT THREE (40:20): They tried to throw a bottle at the singer from The Frames but they went and made their fourth-and-a-half record instead. Be Honest and Fear Not from eclectic Limerick outfit Windings gets the Album Of The Week treatment.

EXIT MUSIC: Wallis Bird – ‘Home’